The Leading Hardware Diagnostics Repair Kit

Service Center is used by professional repair technicians, managed service providers, repair centers, computer retailers, enterprise IT organizations, low-volume manufacturers, system designers and serious hobbyists.

Cloud Reporting

Now included is the ability to store diagnostic reports in the cloud! Service Center integrates with Service Center Remote to store customer reports online, allowing you and your team easy access to them from any device.

To learn more about Service Center Remote and the optional remote diagnostics visit

Save Time and Money While Increasing Quality

Accurately diagnose hardware, ensure component quality and functionality, and obtain the most extensive system information available—saving you time and money while increasing your product and service quality.

Diagnose Unbootable Systems

Boot and test from the included Multipurpose USB Device or DVD—even if the installed OS and/or hard
drive is dead/non-existent. Use Bootable Diagnostics to access an offline Linux test environment, complete with proper driver support that helps cover all devices on the system, not only those with UEFI drivers.

Solve Intermittent Problems on a PC

  • Run the system load test and parallel tests to stress the system and expose intermittent problems
  • Use System Events to view when a BSOD occurs, as well as the device and driver that caused it

Diagnose the Latest Components

  • Industry standard diagnostics and system information tools are continuously enhanced to cover the latest hardware, platforms and chipsets
  • Windows, Bootable, Chrome OS, and Android diagnostics cover all testing environments
  • Additional sensor support for mobile device testing
  • Testing in UEFI and non-UEFI environments
  • Full Windows 11 and Android 12 support!

Service Center Kit Includes

  • Multipurpose USB Device containing Windows, Bootable, Chrome OS and Android diagnostics
  • Diagnostics DVD containing Windows, Bootable, Chrome OS and Android diagnostics, and the Multipurpose USB Device Restore Tool
  • CD and DVD test media
  • Four loopback devices for RJ45, serial, parallel, and audio ports
  • USB-A to USB-C adapter, USB-A extension cable
  • PC-Doctor Drive Erase (included with the offline Bootable Diagnostics)
  • Comprehensive documentation for advanced product usage
  • A professional case for carrying the kit onsite
  • Free cloud reporting with optional remote diagnostics

Service Center Premier Kit Includes

  • Service Center Kit, plus
  • PCI POST Card
  • miniPCI POST Card
  • Power Supply Tester

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